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So Crowley decided it was time to do something radical. “What if we don’t need people to check in anymore?,” he asked. “What does a version of Foursquare look like that doesn’t beg you to check in as soon as you open it up?” Over the last six months, the team has been hard at work on a complete reinvention of the company. In the end they decided that, in order to save Foursquare, they would have to break it half, splitting the iconic service into two separate apps.

En un mensaje publicado en su sitio en Internet, Cover indica que se suma a los equipos de Twitter “para llevar (sus) ideas todavía más lejos”, y añadió que por el momento su aplicación sigue disponible en la tienda en línea Google Play.

Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley has spent the last year trying to convince the world that Foursquare isn’t what it used to be. The company emerged back in 2009 with a novel app that let people “check in” to a location. That vision, and the local information that followed, propelled it to amass tens of millions of users, hundreds of millions in funding, and billions upon billions of data points from people who used Foursquare to check in around the globe. The problem was, in 2014, that story no longer worked for Foursquare. In fact, it was holding the company back.

Today, the company is announcing the first fruit of this labor, a brand new app called Swarm that will exist alongside the current Foursquare app. Swarm will be a social heat map, helping users find friends nearby and check in to share their location. A completely rewritten Foursquare app will launch in a month or so. The new Foursquare will ditch the check-in and focus solely on exploration and discovery, finally positioning itself as a true Yelp-killer in the battle to provide great local search.

Cover fue lanzada en octubre. La aplicación está dirigida a los teléfonos inteligentes que funcionan con el sistema operativo Android de Google, y “aprende” las costumbres de los usuarios, según el sitio de la empresa.

Los botones de estas secciones -muro de noticias, peticiones de amistad, mensajes, notificaciones y ms- aparecen en la parte superior de la aplicacin. Los botones de estado, foto y localizacin, se sitan abajo.

app del ano

app del ano

Dicha herramienta, así como “Marea de colores”, “Artes parte por parte”, “Observa”, “Dixi” y próximamente “Detectives MX”, realizadas por el mencionado programa del Conaculta, se pueden descargar por iTunes y Googleplay.

Actualmente “Trata y retrata” se encuentra en la última fase de selección junto con 19 aplicaciones más, postuladas a mejor App Latina 2014, proyecto de Software Gurú apoyado por la empresa Intel, quienes comunicarán los resultados el próximo 26 de mayo.

Shortly after his indictment, investigators believe Wilson fled to Mexico. After efforts to locate him were unsuccessful, Wilson’s mug shot, along with his biographical information, were posted on ICE’s Operation Predator App.

Wilson was indicted in July 2013 for receiving and distributing child pornography and a warrant was issued for his arrest. According to the charges, the former office worker received and distributed child pornography over the Internet from about Sept. 3, 2012, through about April 25, 2013. At that time, Wilson was residing in Delano.

EL CENTRO, Calif. – A former Bakersfield-area man, who fled in the wake of his 2013 indictment on federal child pornography charges, was captured Wednesday by law enforcement authorities in Mexico.

La actual herramienta electrnica Trata y retrata, adems del programa Alas y Races, del Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (Conaculta) que fue nominada como vigente Mejor Aplicacin del 2014 por el proyecto global App Latina.

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There are always certain mobile applications that grab a lot of headlines for one reason or another, and along with Flappy Bird the Cartoon HD app has been hot news this year. Now though the app is treated to a surprise update download.

So, if you are digital publishing professional, and would like to see an experiment in digital B2B publishing targeted specifically at you, then I recommend downloading Tablet Publishing today. The app is now priced at $1.99.

Meanwhile, the iOS App Store revenue growth is being driven largely by China and the U.S., though smaller markets like Vietnam and South Africa are also gaining. At the beginning of the year, Apple completed a deal to bring the iPhone to China Mobile, the country’s largest carrier with over 700 million subscribers, which ended up contributing one million iPhone users in February alone.

As we reported previously there are some concerns about this app and whether it is safe to use, but some of our readers have not reported any issues since downloading the app in this way.

Because the app was created in order to experiment with the digital publishing platform, many aspects of a successful magazine launch were not implemented. For instance, there was no formal promotion effort beyond informing a few media outlets of the app’s existence (and none chose to write about it), and no email list was ever compiled for marketing purposes. There was also zero advertising support for the app. As a result, downloads (sales, as the app originally cost $3.99) were in the hundreds rather than the thousands, and few TNM readers ever downloaded the app. (Only two reviews of the app appear in the App Store, and one was a one-star review!)

* Update: Ian Sefferman, CEO at MobileDevHQ, says he has found a high correlation between the percentage of the reviews which include a keyword and search rankings, as well as a high correlation between average rating and search rankings:

free apps ipad

free apps ipad

RingGo: Paying for parking is a pain, especially if you forgot to bring some change with you. RingGo is a pay-by-phone service that is currently in use at over 4,000 parking sites across the country, put in place by 60 local authorities and numerous private parking companies. In-app you can register your vehicles, pay, and top-up. [Free]

SmartWait [iPhone; Free] With SmartWait, avoid long queues and manage your time as you want. SmartWait geolocates the public services, tourist sites or stores where you want to go and gives you the waiting conditions in real time.

Gourmet for iOS [iOS Universal; $3.99] Completely overhauled, Gourmet (for iOS) is now a UNIVERSAL app, optimized for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices. You can add, edit, scale and import recipes…even when you’re away from your Mac. Version 1.0.6 brings the following changes:

“Printer Pro” is available for free download from the iPhone-only section of the App Store. This free requires iOS 6.0 or later, is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and is optimized for iPhone 5.“NBC” is rated 12 or higher for sexual content, references to drugs, alcohol and tobacco use, mature themes, horror themes, violence, profanity and crude humor. This free iPad app requires iOS 7.0 or higher, is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and is optimized for iPhone 5.

Free today too is the iPad app, “Driving Curve.” This free app—which is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch– uses GPS to capture your speed and evaluate your driving performance. The result is a review of your driving habits and tips on how to improve fuel efficiency based on these habits. Plus, you have the option of sending the results to “Facebook” and competing with your friends to see which person is the smoothest driver.

Radiology 2.0: Pregnant Appendicitis [iPad; Free] This intuitive teaching file series is perfect for practicing radiologists, radiology residents, medical students in radiology, and other physicians interested in learning how to interpret images.

microsoft app store

microsoft app store

Microsoft’s new iPad apps are of the so-called “freemium” variety, meaning they require in-app purchases to unlock certain features. In the case of Office for iPad, free features include document viewing, but users need to have an Office 365 subscription to make edits. Existing subscription holders can sign in immediately, though Microsoft also built in a subscription purchasing mechanism in each Office app.

Microsoft also announced some new tools designed to help developers create and deploy touch-centric business apps running on Windows 8.1 Update, which the company began rolling out to Windows 8.1 users last week. Among those tools:

One of the biggest bits of news is that Microsoft is encouraging developers to use whatever tools they want. Whether a developer chooses to use C# or Visual Basic (VB)—or C/C++—to write native apps, it’s all good. Microsoft is also actively encouraging developers to build cross platform apps with JavaScript and HTML5/CSS and has promised an update to Internet Explorer 11 with hardware accelerated graphics support that takes advantage of a device’s GPUs while leaving the CPU untouched. 

As noted by MacRumors, Microsoft first suggested it was interested in bringing its Office suite of software to Apple’s iPad in early 2010. Some industry watchers have suggested that Apple’s policy of taking a 30 percent cut of all in-app sales may have delayed the release of Office for iPad. Microsoft may have also been hoping that the unavailability of its Office software on Apple’s iPad would help draw more users to its own beleaguered Surface line of tablets.

“I think Microsoft has taken a substantial step in the right direction with the changes to the cost and availability of side loading keys. Couple this with the increasing maturity of projects like (Magenic’s open-source) OrgPortal and CompanyStore and I think we’re getting to the point where WinRT (the Windows 8 runtime programming interface) is something to consider for business app development,” Lhotka said.

All three flavors of Windows now run on a common software core, or “kernel,” with a common runtime (i.e., the set of tools necessary to run programs). The major remaining differences between them have mostly to do with how they handle user-interface issues across a variety of devices, input methods (think touchscreens vs. mouse and keyboard), hardware (not just CPU and memory, but graphics processors, accelerometers and other sensors) and screen sizes.

apps kostenlos

apps kostenlos

Die Photowall von Google ist noch ganz frisch und wurde erst am Montag veröffentlicht. Mit der App kann man gemeinsam Slideshows erstellen und diese dann auf dem Chromecast anzeigen lassen. Zusätzlich kann man noch kleine Zeichnungen in die Bilder einfügen und auch per Browser Bilder hinzufügen. Photowall gibt es aktuell nur für iOS, ob eine Android-Version kommt ist noch unklar. Photowall runterladen.

The Iconfactory stellt das Geschäftsmodell für den beliebten Twitter-Client Twitterrific um: Neukunden erhalten die App kostenlos, finanziert wird sie nun über Werbeeinblendungen und In-App-Käufe. Das besonders bei Spielen beliebte Freemium-Modell wird also nun auch bei dem Twitter-Client eingesetzt.

Um an die kostenlosen Apps und Games zu gelangen, ist der Amazon App-Shop vonnöten. Diese Anwendung muss per Sideload installiert werden – hierfür muss man in den Einstellungen des Smartphones oder Tablets vor der Installation den Punkt „Sicherheit“ suchen und dort (kann je nach Gerät leicht variieren) die Installation von Apps aus „unsicheren“ bzw. „unbekannten Quellen“ zulassen. Nach erfolgreicher Durchführung kann der Haken wieder entfernt werden.

Mit dem Chromecast ist es auch möglich lokale Dateien von einem PC aus abzuspielen. Dafür benötigt man den Chrome-Browser sowie ein kleines Plugin mit dem Namen “Videostream for Google Chromecast”. Mit diesem könnt ihr ganz einfach eine VIdeodatei auswählen und dann auf euren Chromecast schicken. Über den geöffneten Tab könnt ihr dann noch das Video steuern, pausieren und den Ton abstellen. Videostream for Google Chromecast installieren.

Mit Watchever gibt es schon seit einiger Zeit einen relativ beliebten Streaming-Dienst in Deutschland. Damit kann man ganz einfach unzählige Filme und Serien direkt auf sein Smartphone bzw. Fernseher holen. Eine Chromecast-Integration macht hier natürlich besonders Sinn und diese hat Watchever kürzlich auch nachgeliefert. In der iOS und auch in der Android-App ist das Ganze integriert, jedoch kostet es der Dienst natürlich auch ein wenig. Wer normal und nicht in einer Aktion zuschlägt, zahlt 8,99€ im Monat. Sobald jedoch Amazon mit Instant Prime eine Android-App mit Chromecast-Integration bringt, wird Watchever sowieso an Bedeutung verlieren. Watchever runterladen.

Zum Glück haben die Entwickler aber darauf verzichtet, Optionen wie “Eine Schaufel Vogelfutter” einzuführen, es gibt derzeit lediglich zwei Artikel zum Kaufen: “Werbung entfernen” für 1,79 Euro und “Alles” für 3,59 Euro. Zu den kostenpflichtigen Funktionen gehören auch Push-Beachrichtigungen und die Übersetzungsfunktion.

apple store apps

apple store apps

Kevin Thau, the VP who spearheaded the acquisition of  We Are Hunted, which became part of Twitter #Music’s backend, and who worked to create the initial app, departed the company on April 24 to join Jelly, a company started by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. In September, the company hired Bob Moczydlowsky, former senior VP of product marketing at Topspin Media, as head of Twitter #Music.

Being featured on the Apple App Store is often considered a make-or-break necessity for many indie titles. With well over 1 million apps available on the app store, it is very easy for a single title to get swamped and overlooked.

Apple has relatively recently cracked down on recommendations by way of promotion for other apps on the app store with clause 2.25 of the App Store Review Guidelines. PocketGamer picked up on the change and mentioned that this could be intended to crack down on app-promotion services.

In a subsequent tweet a few hours after the announcement that it was shuttering the Twitter #Music app, the social media platform made it clear it is not done fine tuning its music strategy noting that Twitter would “continue to experiment with new ways to bring you great content based on the music activity we see every day on Twitter.”

Though it’s not clear what will replace Twitter’s music initiative, a story  this past October in Billboard reported on sources who claimed it intends to integrate the app into its main feed as one of several topic verticals so it can sell more effectively target advertising. Other verticals include news, TV and movies. Developing those verticals, sources said then, is seen as key to ­Twitter’s future growth.

Twitter #Music initially launched to great celebrity-hyped fanfare propelling the app to the top of the iTunes download charts. But the app quickly fell off the map within a few weeks as the buzz died. By October the app ranked No. 165 in the free music apps category, according to AppData.

free apps for android

free apps for android

Yay! Free stuff! Everyone loves free stuff. And there’s plenty of it on Android, with more than 927,000 free apps available in the Google Play store right now. We know, because we counted.*

Be aware, however, some games work better than others. A slower-paced game such as EA Mobile’s The Simpsons: Tapped Out or Kabam’s Heroes of Camelot worked much better than “twitchy” titles like Gears Studios’ Flappy Bird or Glu’s Frontline Commando, for example. (Yes, while the cult hit Flappy Bird was taken down by its developer, you can still play it for free through App Player’s built-in app store.) The problem with some fast games is lag, which can result in choppy performance. Plus, some games simply work better with your fingertip than a mouse and keyboard (though many PCs today offer touch-screens, too). Rovio’s Angry Birds Star Wars II Free felt pretty good, though.

“App Player employs complex virtualization technology that took 10 engineers two years to build — and we are always improving,” says Gargiulo. “We are the only product in the world that can run virtually any mobile app on PC or Mac.”

YWCA Safety Alert: A tap on the alert button or a shake of the phone in an emergency situation activates the app, and an alarm gives out a loud shrilling sound to attract the attention of passer-bys within the vicinity. It also sends out the distress signal with an email and SMS along with a GPS location.   

Quite simply, App Player is a free program that lets you run Android 4.0 (“Ice Cream Sandwich”) and supported apps on your computer — as if you were accessing them on your smartphone or tablet.

In fact, the operating system doesn’t know it is being run on a personal computer. App compatibility is “north of 95%,” says BlueStacks marketing exec John Gargiulo at the San Jose, Calif.-based start-up.

app store online

It’s almost as if the idea of spending $99 and three hours to make a game that can pull in $50,000 per day has made app developers everywhere trip over themselves to cobble together slightly-modified versions of the same game, sending them coursing through the Internet’s pipework toward overloaded app stores.

See, if Bear Grylls just kept a jet pack with him all the time, it wouldn’t take him nearly as long to find his way out of remote locales week after week.

The integrated app store forms part of Bigcommerce Next, a new offering launched by the company that adds over 20 new features to its platform, with a focus on helping merchants increase conversion rates. The features released include a new theme store with dozens of designs so merchants can make their online sites visually appealing, as well as a new blogging engine which makes it easy to publish a blog post optimized for search engines.

Pocket Gamer took the liberty of trying to figure out just how often these Flappy Bird clones were popping up in Apple’s App Store. The site looked at the previous 300 (not a typo) clones to appear inside the App Store, and once all the numbers were smoothed out, the stats told the tale of one clone being added every 24 minutes. Still. Almost a month after Flappy Bird’s creator killed Flappy Bird.

Bigcommerce is a service that merchants can sign up for to create their own online store — and now it has rolled out an integrated app store that allows them to add capabilities to their respective stores via third-party apps in a single click.

That character could be a bird, a fish, an eagle, a super goat, Nyan Cat, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Bear Grylls on a jet pack, Flappy Bird inventor Dong Nguyen, the floating head of Kanye West, or the chief minister of the state of Gujarat, Narendra Modi.

app creator

app creator

Georg Petschnigg, co-founder and CEO of FiftyThree Inc. and co-creator of the sketching application “Paper,” said in a blog post that his company’s program — launched in 2012 and named IPad App of the Year — had priority to use the name.

Their app builder software can provide perfect apps for businesses of all sorts or whichever industry they belong to. Apart from an easy and swift process to create apps, it also allows businesses to manage their native apps for varied brands of smart phones and the operating systems. The apps can provide a range of functionalities from sending messages, coupons and special offers to let the customers enjoy the benefits of the offerings.

They not only help the customers to just create apps or update the information, they also assist them to improve the app with customized features specifically designed for their kind of business. If one is looking to make the most of this mobile marketing technique through apps, then Android App Creator from Appsentra can let the business reach every android smart phone in the locality.

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FiftyThree wants Facebook to come up with a new name for its standalone iPhone app, although that might be difficult given the exposure and promotion that’s already been created for its release in the App Store later day.

“We think Facebook can apply the same degree of thought they put into the app into building a brand name of their own. An app about stories shouldn’t start with someone else’s story. Facebook should stop using our brand name.”