no actualizar app store

no actualizar app store

Ha llegado el día, y por fin está disponible iOS 8 para todos los usuarios que cuenten con un dispositivo de Apple compatible con la última actualización de su sistema operativo móvil. Esta no es una actualización cualquiera, puesto que iOS 8 incluye nuevas funcionalidades y las tan deseadas extensiones, que convierten al nuevo sistema operativo móvil en el más avanzado del mundo. Teclados, widgets y un montón de extensiones que, gracias a los desarrolladores, ya han llegado a la App Store. Elegimos 10 aplicaciones muy sencillas que demuestran el potencial que esconde iOS 8.

Una aplicacin muy sencilla pero muy potente para monitorizar nuestras carreras o nuestra actividad deportiva, y que adems hace uso de los sensores del iPhone 5s y 6/6 Plus. Lo ms interesante es que es compatible con el mdulo salud de iOS 8 e incluye un widget para el centro de notificaciones, ideal para runners. Ahora slo falta que verdaderamente tengas el nimo de salir a correr. O que esperes a que Nike+ y Runkeeper utilicen un formato similar.

Nos decís que en breve habrá nuevas actualizaciones. ¿Qué mejoras estáis pensando en incluir en la nueva versión?  Tenemos tantos planes. En breve añadiremos Symbols, mesas de trabajo, cuentagotas y selector Pantone, texto en trazado… por mencionar algunas. La lista de la primera serie de actualizaciones gratuitas están disponibles en nuestro foro.

We’ll share an iOS 8 iPad 3 review soon, after we spend more time with the device to see if the slow performance is due to updates and growing pains, or if they are a perm fixture.

It is much to early to tell if the iOS 8 battery life on the iPad 3 brings a major change, but even after the power consumed installing iOS 8 and doing all of my testing I have 67% battery life left with a day of standby time and several hours of actual usage.

Siguiendo con aplicaciones de productividad, no poda faltar una de las sustitutas favoritas de los usuarios para el calendario de serie de iOS 8. Calendars 5 ya era una gran aplicacin, pero ahora desarrolla todo su potencial en el centro de notificaciones para tener a mano nuestra lista de eventos, tareas y calendarios. Sigue siendo totalmente compatible con la introduccin de texto con lenguaje natural y con las extensiones de iOS 8. Gracias a estas ltimas toma ventaja frente al resto. Tiene costo.

application store

application store

Apple has made a significant change to the “Top Charts” section in the iOS App Store just ahead of its Worldwide Developers Conference next week in San Francisco – it’s now only featuring the Top 150 Paid, Free and Top Grossing applications, where before it was featuring the Top 300 on iPhone, and Top 1,500 on iPad. That means that half the applications that previously counted on being ranked here for discovery purposes are gone and have to be found via search or category listings instead.

As noted in Forbes’ regular Apple Loop column, Apple appears to be testing a promotional code system, where developers can redeem codes to gain access to in-app purchases. Currently being trialled on a very small number of application, including EA’s Real Racing 3 which was already seen as a test-bed of the freemium model by the publisher, the widespread availability of promo codes for use by developers may be one of the announcements at next week’s WWDC.

Joy of Cooking [iPad; $5.99] Joy of Cooking, the first cookbook in many kitchens, is now the must-have app for every cook-experts and beginners alike. Version 1.0.4 brings the following changes:

Seismometer 6th [iOS Universal; Now free, down from $0.99] Taking advantage of the built-in accelerometer in your iPhone and iPad, Seismometer 6th detects and visualizes any vibrations and moves of the device.

Already, the company has made several improvements to App Store search, most recently with the introduction of “related search” suggestions that appear after a user types in a keyword or keywords to find an application of interest. For example, a search for “calendar” may offer similar suggestions like “calendar planner” or “daily planner.”

Record of Agarest War [iOS Universal; $14.99] HyperDevbox is proud to announce that the massively popular tactical role-playing game (J-RPG) for home video game consoles, Record of Agarest War (English version), is now available for iOS.

free apps ipad

free apps ipad

RingGo: Paying for parking is a pain, especially if you forgot to bring some change with you. RingGo is a pay-by-phone service that is currently in use at over 4,000 parking sites across the country, put in place by 60 local authorities and numerous private parking companies. In-app you can register your vehicles, pay, and top-up. [Free]

SmartWait [iPhone; Free] With SmartWait, avoid long queues and manage your time as you want. SmartWait geolocates the public services, tourist sites or stores where you want to go and gives you the waiting conditions in real time.

Gourmet for iOS [iOS Universal; $3.99] Completely overhauled, Gourmet (for iOS) is now a UNIVERSAL app, optimized for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices. You can add, edit, scale and import recipes…even when you’re away from your Mac. Version 1.0.6 brings the following changes:

“Printer Pro” is available for free download from the iPhone-only section of the App Store. This free requires iOS 6.0 or later, is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and is optimized for iPhone 5.“NBC” is rated 12 or higher for sexual content, references to drugs, alcohol and tobacco use, mature themes, horror themes, violence, profanity and crude humor. This free iPad app requires iOS 7.0 or higher, is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and is optimized for iPhone 5.

Free today too is the iPad app, “Driving Curve.” This free app—which is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch– uses GPS to capture your speed and evaluate your driving performance. The result is a review of your driving habits and tips on how to improve fuel efficiency based on these habits. Plus, you have the option of sending the results to “Facebook” and competing with your friends to see which person is the smoothest driver.

Radiology 2.0: Pregnant Appendicitis [iPad; Free] This intuitive teaching file series is perfect for practicing radiologists, radiology residents, medical students in radiology, and other physicians interested in learning how to interpret images.

ipad 2

Let me insert here that I had the Pro for about two months, then sold it. As I said before, it was a decent laptop, but I didn’t need another laptop.

Yesterday, Apple rolled out its second update to its new iOS 7 operating system in the form of iOS 7.0.2, a small update aimed at tackling a pretty large problem. The update arrived for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and here, we take a close look at how the iOS 7.0.2 update performs on Apple’s iPad third-generation, also known as the iPad 3.

On the iPad 3, the installation process took about 10 minutes. The update is small, around 20MB, but the overall process can still take a little bit of time. That said, we still suggest iPad owners make a backup of their data before installing the update as there is always the potential that something could get fouled up. Our experience, however, was flawless.

The average sale price for all iPad models, Apple Insider said, saw bleedings of up to 17 per cent in the June 2013 quarter. At the same time, slates in the Google mobile platform gathered considerable steam, clocking 17 per cent ASP traction during the April to June stretch of the same period.

For those who are maybe holding back, or just want some reassurance, we have dove into the iOS 7.0.2 update for the iPad 3 and here, we offer our impressions of its performance.

Last week, Apple finally delivered the big changes it talked about when it took the stage in June at WWDC and announced a brand new iOS update, an iOS update that the company dubbed iOS 7. Instead of an incremental iOS update like the others before it, updates that focused on adding new features to the company’s iconic operating system, iOS 7 delivered new features on top of a brand new look.

cydia apps

cydia apps

Apple has finally released the official version of iOS 7, its major upgrade to the software that runs iPhones and iPads. The temptation to snag the software update immediately may be tough to resist. But there are a few good reasons to hold off. See if any of these apply to you:

If you’re into simple and free Cydia tweaks, you’ll definitely want to check out TapTapFolder. This new tweak will quickly launch the first app within a folder with a single tap. Prior to using TapTapFolder, I didn’t think I had a need for a tweak like this, but over the last few days it’s grown on me.

TapTapFolder may not be full of features, but it’s these simple tweaks that ensure there are iOS customizations for just about any situation. Currently, TapTapFolder is available for free in the BigBoss repository.

And once you do, sit back and explore. Then let us know what you think of the changes. Share your thoughts on what you like and dislike the most in the comments below. 

Sure, a new major software version can be exciting—like getting your hands on a brand new device without actually having to plunk down a fortune or extend your carrier contract. But when it comes to Apple’s latest, you’ll want to know what you’re getting into before making the commitment.

This could be responsible for at least some of the early bugs reported from users who actually managed to download iOS 7. Indeed, the Apple Support Forums reveal user issues relating to activation errors and, in some cases, glitches with specific apps, like iMessage and FaceTime. As for the latter, at least some of those problems seem to surround older iOS devices, or iPhones or iPads that had one of the iOS 7 betas loaded onto them.