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La música ha sido siempre parte esencial de la vida de las personas y prácticamente desde sus inicios ha estado relacionada con la manera en que vivimos y somos cada una de las personas que formamos este “pequeño” mundo. En la actualidad, descargar música de manera gratuita forma parte del día a día de la sociedad y gracias a los smartphones tabletas Android, existen infinidad de aplicaciones que nos permiten descargar y escuchar vía streaming todo tipo de música, de todos los estios diferentes.

To jump-start mobile Business, Yahoo is buying Flurry, the mobile app analytics and advertising startup. Financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed but it is believed the price could be anywhere between US $200 and US $300M.

It’s an area that has seen some consolidation. For instance, Onavo was acquired by Facebook. Distimo was acquired by AppAnnie. And Twitter has also made a number of acquisitions to boost its mobile analytics capabilities.

What Flurry could give to Yahoo precisely is not just a boost in mobile advertising revenues, but, a more central role in how others are monetizing and using mobile, while it builds out its own apps and app inventory, and advertising to run across them.

Video demand-side platform TubeMogul priced the shares for its public offering on Thursday at US $7 per share and finished on Friday at US $11.50,up 64% on its first day of trade.  Monday Morning (July 21) the stock was trading in the US US$ 10.6- US$ 11.7 range. Thanks to prior investors, who bought US $25 million of the shares offered in the deal (US $5 million of insider buying from Trinity Ventures, adding to the US$20 million indicated by Foundation Capital) , and the basement price of the shares TubeMogul found itself raising around US $43.8 million when then company had expected to raise US $93 million. Tube Mogul has software that allows agencies and advertisers to run commercials on online video portals such as YouTube and Vimeo.

What: Yahoo is buying mobile app analytics and advertising startup Flurry to jump-start its’ mobile Business. Financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed but it is believed the price could be anywhere between US $200 and US $300M.Why it matters: While the market for mobile ads is set to grow nearly 85% this year, Flurry could not only boost Yahoo’s  mobile advertising revenues, but give this company a more central role in how to use and monetize mobile, while it builds out its own apps and app inventory, and advertising to run across them.

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Georg Petschnigg, co-founder and CEO of FiftyThree Inc. and co-creator of the sketching application “Paper,” said in a blog post that his company’s program — launched in 2012 and named IPad App of the Year — had priority to use the name.

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FiftyThree wants Facebook to come up with a new name for its standalone iPhone app, although that might be difficult given the exposure and promotion that’s already been created for its release in the App Store later day.

“We think Facebook can apply the same degree of thought they put into the app into building a brand name of their own. An app about stories shouldn’t start with someone else’s story. Facebook should stop using our brand name.”