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It’s almost as if the idea of spending $99 and three hours to make a game that can pull in $50,000 per day has made app developers everywhere trip over themselves to cobble together slightly-modified versions of the same game, sending them coursing through the Internet’s pipework toward overloaded app stores.

See, if Bear Grylls just kept a jet pack with him all the time, it wouldn’t take him nearly as long to find his way out of remote locales week after week.

The integrated app store forms part of Bigcommerce Next, a new offering launched by the company that adds over 20 new features to its platform, with a focus on helping merchants increase conversion rates. The features released include a new theme store with dozens of designs so merchants can make their online sites visually appealing, as well as a new blogging engine which makes it easy to publish a blog post optimized for search engines.

Pocket Gamer took the liberty of trying to figure out just how often these Flappy Bird clones were popping up in Apple’s App Store. The site looked at the previous 300 (not a typo) clones to appear inside the App Store, and once all the numbers were smoothed out, the stats told the tale of one clone being added every 24 minutes. Still. Almost a month after Flappy Bird’s creator killed Flappy Bird.

Bigcommerce is a service that merchants can sign up for to create their own online store — and now it has rolled out an integrated app store that allows them to add capabilities to their respective stores via third-party apps in a single click.

That character could be a bird, a fish, an eagle, a super goat, Nyan Cat, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Bear Grylls on a jet pack, Flappy Bird inventor Dong Nguyen, the floating head of Kanye West, or the chief minister of the state of Gujarat, Narendra Modi.

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