cool apps for ipad

cool apps for ipad

Lenka is a remarkably simple yet powerful, dedicated black & white camera app developed in France by world renowned photographer Kevin Abosch ( for professionals & amateurs alike, to create beautiful black & white photographs. With Lenka there’s no searching through filters after you take the photo. Realtime B&W preview while Lenka’s image processing with automatic exposure, yields photos with a distinct look and signature we hope you like as much as we do! Lenka is optimized for iPhones with 4 inch screens. For highest image quality, we suggest using an iPhone 5, 5c or 5s.

You get the chance to try out all your skills in the CRAZY MISSIONS! You’ll never complete them all!And check out Buddyman’s bright and colorful inner world! Ketchup, Zombie or Hippy? Try all these amazing new features!

– Current Local Weather– 7-Day & Hourly Forecast that reveals on tap– Fahrenheit & Celsius settings– A fully automated night mode that would make Batman jealous– Optional Dark & Light modes– % chance of rain day– Sunrise & Sunset times– A Globally reaching Geo-location Weather API– Intuitive Weather Interface– A ‘carpe diem’ swag

These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they are free at the time this post is published. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “free,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

• Virtual Trainer PRO is just like turning your iPhone into a Personal Trainer. All you need is to start a workout, follow the video instructions and try to keep up with the timer!

• Build your own workouts with a simple drag and drop interface. Choose from over 500 exercise videos with everything from bodyweight exercises you can do at home to advanced TRX and crossfit for the gym.

ipad applications

ipad applications

Step 6: Now that the WhatsApp app and database are copied, you can thank the donor iPhone for its services. Make sure you remove the SIM card from the iPhone and then uninstall WhatsApp from it. Also make sure you don’t install and activate the same SIM card with WhatsApp on another device.

To close it you need to swipe upwards on the main image. It shouldn’t take too long to disappear and then you’ll see the last few applications from the list. You might not want to shut them all down so you can just scroll through and decide which ones you need to shut down individually.

Before we begin, let us inform you about a few crucial conditions, which will ensure that WhatsApp functions on your iPad/iPod. As you should know, WhatsApp can only run on a smart device which has a working SIM card installed in it. When installing WhatsApp, the app sends a message to its servers, and then intercepts an incoming SMS to the device to confirm and activate it. Also, you cannot use WhatsApp with the same SIM card or phone number on more than one phone. To use it on another smartphone, you need to have a new number or transfer the old data to the new phone.

Unlike before you’ll also get a useful thumbnail image which shows off what was going on when you last used the application. From here you can either enter the app by tapping on the icon at the bottom of the screen, scroll through them by swiping left or right or you can close it down.

Apps on your iOS 7 device can be using up a load of your battery, memory and overall power just by running in the background. Sometimes it’s just easier to shut them down all together and not use them again until you really need to. But not everyone knows how to do it.

Step 4: Once you connect your iPhone to the computer, sync it with iTunes so that the software can back up the apps from the iPhone to the computer. We need the WhatsApp app file (.ipa) so that we can install it on the iPad. WhatsApp cannot be installed on the iPad from the App Store, and hence we need to get the app .ipa file using this procedure. Copy the WhatsApp.ipa file from the folder where iTunes stores the data to the desktop. Usually on a Windows PC, it should be in this location: ‘C:UsersUsernameMy MusiciTunesiTunes MediaMobile Applications’. On a Mac machine, it would be in ‘/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications/’. Once done copying, start iFunBox.

free ipad apps

free ipad apps

Selfie Gym Pro Editor: Taking selfies is all the rage these days (unfortunately) and unsurprisingly, people (read: weirdos) use them to try and show off their bodies. Anyway, if you’re one of those people, but you don’t have much to show off then this is the app for you. Selfie Gym Pro Editor will let you fiddle with your photos to make it look like you hit the gym a lot more often than you do, as well as messing about with the tone of your skin. You know, for reasons. [£1.49]

“Godzilla: Strike Zone” is rated 12 or higher for violence. This free iPad, iPhone app, requires iOS 5.0 or later, is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and is iPhone 5 optimized.

The new iPad version of the free “Beats Music” app contains the same features as its version for iPhone and iPod touch. There is a handpicked mix of albums and playlists personally customized for listeners, the “Just For You” option, as well as the ability to create your own playlists and discover new music on your own or with friends. But the free iPad version brings a specially designed interface for iPad as well as dedicated support for both portrait and landscape modes.

The leak that Apple will bring over “Touch ID” to the new iPad Air 2 now has more credibility thanks to the analysis by Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo has a credible track record in predicting Apple plans. “Touch ID,” introduced in iPhone 5s, both replaces the manual passcode for security and easily authenticates anything a user purchases from “iTunes.” “Touch ID” is so successful on iPhone 5s that many Apple observers believe that “Touch ID” will become the foundation of an Apple mobile payments platform.

Google Docs: You know what Google Docs is, I’m sure. Google has released an Android (and iOS) app so you can use Google Docs on the go. Create new documents, edit old ones, everything you can do with Google Docs in the browser you can do with this. [Free]

Money Dashboard: This is a handy finance app, that lets manage your money on the move. Money Dashboard will link up to all of your current, credit, and savings accounts and automatically update as and when things change. You’ll be able to see and monitor your money in one easy to read space, which is pretty damn useful if you ask me. [Free]

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There are always certain mobile applications that grab a lot of headlines for one reason or another, and along with Flappy Bird the Cartoon HD app has been hot news this year. Now though the app is treated to a surprise update download.

So, if you are digital publishing professional, and would like to see an experiment in digital B2B publishing targeted specifically at you, then I recommend downloading Tablet Publishing today. The app is now priced at $1.99.

Meanwhile, the iOS App Store revenue growth is being driven largely by China and the U.S., though smaller markets like Vietnam and South Africa are also gaining. At the beginning of the year, Apple completed a deal to bring the iPhone to China Mobile, the country’s largest carrier with over 700 million subscribers, which ended up contributing one million iPhone users in February alone.

As we reported previously there are some concerns about this app and whether it is safe to use, but some of our readers have not reported any issues since downloading the app in this way.

Because the app was created in order to experiment with the digital publishing platform, many aspects of a successful magazine launch were not implemented. For instance, there was no formal promotion effort beyond informing a few media outlets of the app’s existence (and none chose to write about it), and no email list was ever compiled for marketing purposes. There was also zero advertising support for the app. As a result, downloads (sales, as the app originally cost $3.99) were in the hundreds rather than the thousands, and few TNM readers ever downloaded the app. (Only two reviews of the app appear in the App Store, and one was a one-star review!)

* Update: Ian Sefferman, CEO at MobileDevHQ, says he has found a high correlation between the percentage of the reviews which include a keyword and search rankings, as well as a high correlation between average rating and search rankings:

app store aplicaciones gratis

app store aplicaciones gratis

Although Microsoft made its Office for iPad apps free to download for viewing documents, to edit existing or create new documents, spreadsheets and presentations, customers must subscribe to an Office 365 software rent-not-own plan. Those plans can be obtained through a number of non-App Store outlets: Consumers, for example, can purchase a subscription from Microsoft’s website or at retail, while businesses can obtain Office 365 from Microsoft directly or from one of its channel partners.

By building for two years’ worth of Android (as we did originally with 4.0+), you’ll support about 40 percent of the U.S. smartphone install base. Removing 4.0-4.1 support leaves you with one year’s worth of OS compatibility, and that number drops to 12.5 percent.

Apple will continue to take its cut from those subscriptions in upcoming years, as the Office 365 Home plans purchased from within a Microsoft app will be “automatically renew[ed] within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period” and again charged to the customer’s iTunes account.

But what of the conventional wisdom that Android users won’t download apps? We looked at the data and didn’t see it. Android users were less likely to pay for apps, to download games, and to pay for in-app content. But they were certainly downloading. Android had more users globally, and was on track to surpass the iOS installed base in the U.S. (It has since done so.) Android’s UX was improving, and a few high-profile influencers were switching to it from iPhone.

In the year since we moved to Android, it’s become more popular to launch Android-first. And for some products it may very well be the right answer. But consider the trade-offs carefully.  We’ll never know how things would have gone had we stuck with iPhone from the beginning. But here’s my guess: we would have launched our beta in April (not July) and our 1.0 in August (not October). We’d be building more functionality in less time. Our UX would be more polished, we’d have fewer bugs, and our addressable market would actually be larger.

That doesn’t mean Emu will get more users on iPhone; it merely describes the total number of people who can install our app if they want to. We have more specific hypotheses about how switching platforms might affect our ability to reach target users, but they’re still hypotheses. We’ll write more once we see whether our iPhone launch confirms or refutes them.

free apps ipad

free apps ipad

RingGo: Paying for parking is a pain, especially if you forgot to bring some change with you. RingGo is a pay-by-phone service that is currently in use at over 4,000 parking sites across the country, put in place by 60 local authorities and numerous private parking companies. In-app you can register your vehicles, pay, and top-up. [Free]

SmartWait [iPhone; Free] With SmartWait, avoid long queues and manage your time as you want. SmartWait geolocates the public services, tourist sites or stores where you want to go and gives you the waiting conditions in real time.

Gourmet for iOS [iOS Universal; $3.99] Completely overhauled, Gourmet (for iOS) is now a UNIVERSAL app, optimized for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices. You can add, edit, scale and import recipes…even when you’re away from your Mac. Version 1.0.6 brings the following changes:

“Printer Pro” is available for free download from the iPhone-only section of the App Store. This free requires iOS 6.0 or later, is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and is optimized for iPhone 5.“NBC” is rated 12 or higher for sexual content, references to drugs, alcohol and tobacco use, mature themes, horror themes, violence, profanity and crude humor. This free iPad app requires iOS 7.0 or higher, is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and is optimized for iPhone 5.

Free today too is the iPad app, “Driving Curve.” This free app—which is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch– uses GPS to capture your speed and evaluate your driving performance. The result is a review of your driving habits and tips on how to improve fuel efficiency based on these habits. Plus, you have the option of sending the results to “Facebook” and competing with your friends to see which person is the smoothest driver.

Radiology 2.0: Pregnant Appendicitis [iPad; Free] This intuitive teaching file series is perfect for practicing radiologists, radiology residents, medical students in radiology, and other physicians interested in learning how to interpret images.

ipad 3

ipad 3

Most consumers need not worry about their fingerprints being stolen from their phone. The iPhone 5s physically can’t communicate the fingerprint data to other parts of the device or the cloud; the section responsible for housing the fingerprint data in the iPhone 5s simply tells the other half of the processor “yes” or “no” depending on whether or not the sensor could authenticate one’s identity. The system is secure, and it also works incredibly fast: By pressing the home button to activate the phone and holding your thumb in place, Touch ID works almost instantly; it’s tough to go back to the old “Swipe to Unlock” after experiencing Touch ID.

The iPhone 5s is powered by Apple’s new dual-core A7 SoC, which boasts speeds up to two times faster than the iPhone 5 in both computational and graphics performance. But even more impressive than its architecture, which is built on “billions of transistors,” is the fact that iPhone 5s is the world’s first smartphone built for 64-bit. It may not mean much right now, but the A7 chip provides opportunities for developers to build desktop-class applications for iPhone, which can be a real game-changer.

The new iPad mini is expected to be released with a modest upgrade to its processor, and possibly (finally) a Retina display, but the new iPad 5 might just steal the show at the Oct. 22 event, as the Cupertino, Calif.-based company’s fifth-generation iPad will reportedly release with dramatic changes to its exterior and interior features.

The cases from the aforementioned conference also indicate that the new iPad mini will feature a re-located microphone on the rear of the device. Besides the new display, we understand that the iPad mini 2 will feature a faster chip (likely a 64-bit A7 variant) and that Touch ID has not been present on recent internal test models.

Word from BGR suggests that build 11B491 will be hitting the likes of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c devices this week for Apple partners and employees, while the iPhone 4 and 4S along with the iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad mini, and original iPad will be seeing the update along with the public by next week. This update also hits the 5th generation iPod touch for good measure – even the Space Gray version.

In addition to the iPads, we also expect the jam-packed Oct. 22 event to reintroduce Mac OS X Mavericks, which was first unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote event in June. To go with the new Mac software, we also expect the company to update its Mac hardware, including a new MacBook Pro with Retina display (this time, powered by Intel’s fourth-generation Haswell processor), a new Mac mini, and a new Mac Pro, which was also given a sneak peek in June. We may also see a few surprises at the Oct. 22 event, including new Apple TV hardware — and, possibly, a first glimpse at the company’s rumored smart wristwatch, the iWatch. We believe most new Mac hardware will release within one to three days after the Oct. 22 unveiling, while we maintain the release date for both new iPads will be the following Friday.