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There are always certain mobile applications that grab a lot of headlines for one reason or another, and along with Flappy Bird the Cartoon HD app has been hot news this year. Now though the app is treated to a surprise update download.

So, if you are digital publishing professional, and would like to see an experiment in digital B2B publishing targeted specifically at you, then I recommend downloading Tablet Publishing today. The app is now priced at $1.99.

Meanwhile, the iOS App Store revenue growth is being driven largely by China and the U.S., though smaller markets like Vietnam and South Africa are also gaining. At the beginning of the year, Apple completed a deal to bring the iPhone to China Mobile, the country’s largest carrier with over 700 million subscribers, which ended up contributing one million iPhone users in February alone.

As we reported previously there are some concerns about this app and whether it is safe to use, but some of our readers have not reported any issues since downloading the app in this way.

Because the app was created in order to experiment with the digital publishing platform, many aspects of a successful magazine launch were not implemented. For instance, there was no formal promotion effort beyond informing a few media outlets of the app’s existence (and none chose to write about it), and no email list was ever compiled for marketing purposes. There was also zero advertising support for the app. As a result, downloads (sales, as the app originally cost $3.99) were in the hundreds rather than the thousands, and few TNM readers ever downloaded the app. (Only two reviews of the app appear in the App Store, and one was a one-star review!)

* Update: Ian Sefferman, CEO at MobileDevHQ, says he has found a high correlation between the percentage of the reviews which include a keyword and search rankings, as well as a high correlation between average rating and search rankings: