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“This announcement is great news for developers working on improving their app store conversions,” Cipolla said. “This is surfacing a lot of useful information that was previously unavailable. However, as app owners look at their app as a cross platform service there is a need for services like App Annie/Distimo to collect a cross platform view.”

At its Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday, Apple announced an update to iTunes Connect, its dashboard that helps developers manage apps, advertising campaigns, bug testing, banking, in-app purchases and more. Apple will update iTunes Connect with a fresh look later this year as well as provide a new analytics dashboard to track users visit and downloads.

“Most importantly, we are adding variable analytics,” said Apple’s apple vice president OS 10 platform experience Andreas Wendker at the WWDC Platforms State Of The Union address. “These analytics will tell you how many people visited your App Store pages. How many users went on and purchased your app, how many remained active over time. And best of all, connecting all of this information displayed right to iOS and is completely automatic. There is no need for any special libraries or code on your part for analytics.”

“This is very different from app analytics,” said Henry Cipolla, co-founder and CTO of Localytics. “This focuses on performance of the app in the store. This is helpful for users trying to optimize their app store SEO and understand which apps are driving the most purchases. App analytics are more focused on what users in the app are doing and providing tools to engage with these users. App store analytics are a great compliment to usage analytics as they provide a view into what users do before they download the app.”

“I do read your emails,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in response to WWDC audience members’ enthusiastic reaction to the new feature. “Users can buy multiple apps at a discounted price with just one tap.”

Despite the widespread enthusiasm that followed the announcement, it remains unclear to many in the bitcoin community as to what exactly the policy change means for bitcoin and other digital currencies, which are still fighting to define their regulatory status around the globe.

app store aplicaciones gratis

app store aplicaciones gratis

Although Microsoft made its Office for iPad apps free to download for viewing documents, to edit existing or create new documents, spreadsheets and presentations, customers must subscribe to an Office 365 software rent-not-own plan. Those plans can be obtained through a number of non-App Store outlets: Consumers, for example, can purchase a subscription from Microsoft’s website or at retail, while businesses can obtain Office 365 from Microsoft directly or from one of its channel partners.

By building for two years’ worth of Android (as we did originally with 4.0+), you’ll support about 40 percent of the U.S. smartphone install base. Removing 4.0-4.1 support leaves you with one year’s worth of OS compatibility, and that number drops to 12.5 percent.

Apple will continue to take its cut from those subscriptions in upcoming years, as the Office 365 Home plans purchased from within a Microsoft app will be “automatically renew[ed] within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period” and again charged to the customer’s iTunes account.

But what of the conventional wisdom that Android users won’t download apps? We looked at the data and didn’t see it. Android users were less likely to pay for apps, to download games, and to pay for in-app content. But they were certainly downloading. Android had more users globally, and was on track to surpass the iOS installed base in the U.S. (It has since done so.) Android’s UX was improving, and a few high-profile influencers were switching to it from iPhone.

In the year since we moved to Android, it’s become more popular to launch Android-first. And for some products it may very well be the right answer. But consider the trade-offs carefully.  We’ll never know how things would have gone had we stuck with iPhone from the beginning. But here’s my guess: we would have launched our beta in April (not July) and our 1.0 in August (not October). We’d be building more functionality in less time. Our UX would be more polished, we’d have fewer bugs, and our addressable market would actually be larger.

That doesn’t mean Emu will get more users on iPhone; it merely describes the total number of people who can install our app if they want to. We have more specific hypotheses about how switching platforms might affect our ability to reach target users, but they’re still hypotheses. We’ll write more once we see whether our iPhone launch confirms or refutes them.

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Von Ahn said Duolingo is building a separate language certification app, where people can take a formally proctored exam with a camera and microphone for only $20. And it is expanding its translation business, where publishers pay to have their content quickly translated by language learners — currently CNN and BuzzFeed are the only announced clients.

That casual feeling makes for a broad appeal. “We figured out that we have more people learning language on a given day on Duolingo than in the whole U.S. school system,” von Ahn said.

Nguyen had previously suggested that his life had become overrun by the success of the game, which has achieved a global following despite its basic graphics – often likened to the old Mario Nintendo games – and simple premise of flying a bird past a sequence of pipe obstacles. The revenue from advertising in the game, which is free to download for iOS and Android users, has been estimated at close to £30,000 a day.

Duolingo gets a lot of accolades. It was Apple’s App of the Year in 2013 and on both Google’s editors’ and users’ choice year-end lists. It just won Best Education Startup at the Crunchies. The free language-learning service now has 12.5 million active users.

But its creator has now taken the game offline,  after complaining with a choice of words that sounded more like one of its exasperated players than its maker: “I cannot take this anymore.”

Duolingo CEO Luis von Ahn noted that his product feels different from most other sorts of education experiences. “People say they ‘play Duolingo,’” he said. “Our users aren’t hardcore. They are procrastinating and don’t want to feel as bad, so they open our app.”

free apps for ipad

free apps for ipad

Another super-hot free app today is about fixing cars. In this garage game children fix, upgrade, paint, run diagnostics, change oil and more. There are all kinds of fun activities in “Mechanic Mike – First Tune Up”. This app is for ages four and up.

Tired of some of the boring wallpaper choices available for the iPad? The Granimator is the app to download. Users select from various shapes and styles, then the inner artist can surface. The shapes, colors and interactivity of the Granimator allows users to personalize wallpaper choices. This is a fun, interactive and stellar way to make the iPad a visionary dream or selected nightmare.

Useful for business, shoppers and travellers who need to calculate VAT
figures. This app works out what VAT to add to a figure as well as the tax
already included. It can be used in different countries with adjusted rates.

Starting today, iOS users are receiving an enthralling gift. From Dec. 26 through January 6th, users will receive a download gift daily. This may be a song, app, movie, book or more. To take advantage of the special, free, daily download – head to iTunes to download this must-have app.

It is hard to keep track of how much data we use each month, which can mean
unexpected charges, especially on smartphones. Onavo, recently bought by
Facebook, is a compression app that minimises how much data your phone uses
when not connected to Wi-Fi and displays all your data usage.

“Game of War – Fire Age” is rated 9+ for violence and crude humor. This free app supports Game Center, is optimized for iPhone 5 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.