ipad applications

ipad applications

Step 6: Now that the WhatsApp app and database are copied, you can thank the donor iPhone for its services. Make sure you remove the SIM card from the iPhone and then uninstall WhatsApp from it. Also make sure you don’t install and activate the same SIM card with WhatsApp on another device.

To close it you need to swipe upwards on the main image. It shouldn’t take too long to disappear and then you’ll see the last few applications from the list. You might not want to shut them all down so you can just scroll through and decide which ones you need to shut down individually.

Before we begin, let us inform you about a few crucial conditions, which will ensure that WhatsApp functions on your iPad/iPod. As you should know, WhatsApp can only run on a smart device which has a working SIM card installed in it. When installing WhatsApp, the app sends a message to its servers, and then intercepts an incoming SMS to the device to confirm and activate it. Also, you cannot use WhatsApp with the same SIM card or phone number on more than one phone. To use it on another smartphone, you need to have a new number or transfer the old data to the new phone.

Unlike before you’ll also get a useful thumbnail image which shows off what was going on when you last used the application. From here you can either enter the app by tapping on the icon at the bottom of the screen, scroll through them by swiping left or right or you can close it down.

Apps on your iOS 7 device can be using up a load of your battery, memory and overall power just by running in the background. Sometimes it’s just easier to shut them down all together and not use them again until you really need to. But not everyone knows how to do it.

Step 4: Once you connect your iPhone to the computer, sync it with iTunes so that the software can back up the apps from the iPhone to the computer. We need the WhatsApp app file (.ipa) so that we can install it on the iPad. WhatsApp cannot be installed on the iPad from the App Store, and hence we need to get the app .ipa file using this procedure. Copy the WhatsApp.ipa file from the folder where iTunes stores the data to the desktop. Usually on a Windows PC, it should be in this location: ‘C:UsersUsernameMy MusiciTunesiTunes MediaMobile Applications’. On a Mac machine, it would be in ‘/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications/’. Once done copying, start iFunBox.

i pad 2

i pad 2

Mobile Professional – If you are a mobile professional that wants to supplement a laptop while on the go the iPad Air with 4G LTE or the iPad mini Retina with 4G LTE are good options. Both offer a high-resolution display that can act as a second monitor with cheap software and the 4G LTE connection can be used to act as a hotspot for your laptop and other gadgets that will last nearly 24 hours.

Apple sells the iPad 2, iPad mini, iPad mini Retina and the iPad Air. The price of an iPad ranges from $299 to $499 for the base models and goes all the way up to $929 for a top of the line model with cellular connectivity. Some of the prices overlap which means if you are on a budget you will want to pick between size of the device, storage and 4G LTE connectivity to get the best iPad for your needs.

Parents – If you are buying an iPad to share with a kid in the house the iPad 2 is tempting, but the iPad mini at $299 is a better option for most users. This smaller iPad will better fit smaller hands and is portable enough to put in a small backpack for travel or stuff into your back pocket while loading a kid in the car. This may be a better choice than an iPod touch if you want a device for a child.

Three new versions of theiPadhave come along since I started using one. Despite the superbRetina displayscreenthat debuted with the third version, I have never been really tempted to upgrade my oldiPad. That was until the Apple decided to come out with theiPadAir, much thinner and lighter.

I have been a dedicatediPaduser since the middle of 2011 when the second version of the world’s first tablet was launched. Over the past two years it has become my primary computing device, especially when it comes to consumption. Though a couple of years old, theiPad2 is still a great device, as I am reminded every time I test a new tablet.

The App & Game Lover – If you love to play games and carry all kinds of apps with you the iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina are the top choices. The high resolution display will make apps look great and the new Apple A7 processor is fast enough to handle any games and apps you throw at it.