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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — What Target calls its largest store on the east coast opens along Route 202 in King of Prussia on Sunday, but an even bigger battle is brewing for the shopping you do on your smartphone.

The roll-out of the 4G LTE is in partnership with AT&T. Benefits include in-vehicle WiFi hot spots, new infotainment options like streaming video entertainment in the back seat, real-time updates and faster application downloads.

There are so many ways to sell products online, each with its own set of advantages. Small business owners are often forced to choose between a marketplace such as Etsy or selling directly through a stand-alone online store – and we don’t want our users to have to choose. This new Etsy app combines strengths from both offerings and encompasses what Wix is all about: giving users powerful tools and the complete freedom to create and manage their online presence, just as they want.

“Giving consumers access to important medical cost information is improving transparency and making it easier for people to navigate the health care system,” Yasmine Winkler, UnitedHealthcare’s chief product, marketing and innovation officer, said in a news release.

UnitedHealthcare is one of the first national health care companies to enable all consumers to comparison shop for medical services using a “guest” version of a mobile medical price services available through Health4Me. More than 900,000 UnitedHealthcare members have downloaded the app.

The Etsy app follows other recent announcements from Wix, such as the launch of Wix Hive and Wix ShoutOut, and could be a sign that the historically publishing-focused company is trying to become a complete business management platform.