So when is this going to happen? Well, given that the iPad 5 launch event is set for October 22nd, we expect Apple to make changes on October 22nd. If the iPad 2 is getting replaced, it will be taken out of the Apple Store next week. As for the iPad 5, we expect the release date to land around November 1st, a Friday, and 10 days after the iPad launch event.

As for the iPad Mini, USA Today reports that it will get Retina display for its 7.9 inch diagonal display. Apple representatives say it’s faster with a 5 megapixel camera. It comes in colors silver, white, space gray and black, and costs $399 for 16GB with Wifi, and $529 with cell tech, reports USA Today.

But perhaps a simpler explanation for the iPad 2’s popularity is that you can still buy one today — for $100 less than the current generation. The fourth-generation iPad replaced the third-generation tablet when it went it was released, while the iPad 2 has remained on sale for the entire time.

Our partners at USA Today report that Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple, introduced the iPad Air to an audience saying, “This is the biggest step yet.”

Currently, the iPad 2, a device that is now several years old, is being sold alongside the iPad 4 inside Apple’s Store. However, it’s looking like that’s going to change very soon. Rumors suggest that the iPad 5 is in its way to replace the iPad 4 as the company’s flagship full-sized iPad. The device is rumored to be bringing all sorts of upgrades to the table and it’s likely to phase out at least one of the current models.

According to USA TODAY, the iPad Air weighs 1 pound, down from 1.4 pounds. Inside, the iPad Air has an Apple A7 chip, which is the same as an iPhone 5s, according to USA TODAY. 

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