ipad wifi

ipad wifi

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On the iOS device, sign into the same Wi-Fi network that the Apple TV connects to. For those who connected via Ethernet, connect to the Wi-Fi network available from the same router connected to the Apple TV. To do this, open Settings on the iOS device and choose Wi-Fi. Let it find the right network and tap it. Sign in with the Wi-Fi password.

AirServer or Reflector turns a Mac into an AirPlay receiver for people who want to stream the contents of their iOS device to a Mac like it’s an Apple TV. Teachers can use the iPad in their class streaming the content to the classroom computer hooked up to a projector. People who make videos of apps on an iPad or iPhone can use this along with screen recording software on the Mac.

Even though Apple TV includes Netflix, using AirPlay lets users show their Netflix account on a friend’s Apple TV without the friend logging out of his or her account on the Apple TV. Considering how annoying it is to enter email and passwords on an Apple TV, this makes sense.

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From iTunes, start playing a video or music and it will stream to the Apple TV. If it doesn’t, then start the video or audio. Select the AirPlay icon that shows up on the control box, which will show up when a user moves the mouse over the iTunes play screen as seen above. Click the AirPlay button and choose the Apple TV.

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