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And last, the dual camera setup on the “All New HTC One” will officially be called Duo Camera. According to this ad, the Duo Camera allows you to “create vivid images even in low light and professionally edit memories after you’ve taken the shot.” You can “choose where to focus, highlight what you love, soften backgrounds, and add 3D effects.” Sound, neat?

In reality, Flash offered a rocky mobile experience, so its loss probably won’t matter much. For many, we suspect that you’ll have been using Chrome for a while and will never notice the difference.

Kimball further
mentions in another blog entry
that HTC has ‘teamed up’
with Dr. David Anderson, one of the founders and leaders of volunteer
computing initiatives for PCs, to develop a volunteer computing platform
for Android smartphones based on the BOINC PC platform, a project at
University of California-Berkeley. BOINC, middleware platform, is used
by research organisations that conduct crucial research.

HTC has been fast to make the update to KitKat on the HTC One and despite the “difficulties” that haven’t been entirely disclosed, the update arrived at a fairly rapid pace.

A supposed leaked ad or brochure from mobile carrier Telstra has given us some insight into the “All New HTC One” or HTC One (2014) that has avoided us up until now, even through the countless leaks. The ad talks a few specs, how that dual camera setup works, Sense 6.0, and of course, BoomSound. 

The Android 4.4 KitKat update for the HTC One isn’t a huge change, you won’t see a big difference in your device visually and there’s little in the way of new features. Any changes to performance we’ll have to leave until HTC has resolved the problem currently being faced, but we’ll update at that time.

ipad store

ipad store

“They look around see if we were near then and when they saw we weren’t near them they took cart and they started putting clothes in there to make it look like it was theirs and to hide it,” Sailin said.

“Even though they were able to ramp up more quickly than anticipated in November and December it still takes a while to get those products out,” said Alexander. “So, they’re managing the rollout very carefully.”

Verizon shows the
iPad Mini with Retina Display back ordered until December 16, as of Friday morning Pacific time, while AT&T is still showing 21-28 days when the device is ordered online.

Cellular models of the iPad Mini Retina are also available for walk-in purchase at many Apple stores across the US, despite the fact that this is not possible at Verizon and AT&T.

The availability of the iPad Mini Retina cellular models contrasts with the iPad Air sales launch. When Apple started selling the iPad Air on November 1, it was available at Verizon, AT&T, and other carriers on the same day. Currently, carrier outlets like Verizon and AT&T typically have the Air at stores.

Meanwhile, the availability of all iPad Mini Retina models — both Wi-Fi-only and cellular versions — on Apple’s store page has improved somewhat: availability is now 5-7 days, a slight improvement over the 5-10 days that the company had been showing last week.

free apps

free apps

Modiface Virtual Makeover is an excellent app for those are serious about looking good. The rest of us will enjoy its many features as well. It’s free (amazingly) so there’s no excuse not to get this app.

Looking at the proportion of vulnerable apps, they found HTC’s Wildfire S to be the worst performer of pre-2012 devices, and LG’s Optimus P8880 the worst among post-2012 devices. Sony’s Experia Arc S and the HTC One X had the least, while Google’s Nexus 4 in particular performed well here.

Being able to transform into a creature, either real or imagined, has long be a stable of folklore for many cultures around the world. Heck, I wanted to grow wings and take off. Just thought it’d be cool to do. In my heart of hearts I still do.

While you can play with it, this app isn’t a toy. For those who are serious about their looks and want to see how much difference subtle changes in color, application, and contrasts can make, this app can be a serious money saving tool.

Once selected you can size and rotate the tat and position it where ever you want. You can also flip, reverse, and change the tat’s color. Grab and paste as many tats as you need, they are applied as layers so one won’t affect the other. Unfortunately you can’t distort the tat to make fit a body contour, but the results are good enough for you to see how it’ll look before you go under the needle.

I’ve always wanted a tattoo, but could never decide what to get. For me, a tattoo should make a personal statement about you, so the design you select has to really say something. Remember, it’s permanent. Which is why I still don’t have a tattoo.