free apps for ipad

free apps for ipad

Another super-hot free app today is about fixing cars. In this garage game children fix, upgrade, paint, run diagnostics, change oil and more. There are all kinds of fun activities in “Mechanic Mike – First Tune Up”. This app is for ages four and up.

Tired of some of the boring wallpaper choices available for the iPad? The Granimator is the app to download. Users select from various shapes and styles, then the inner artist can surface. The shapes, colors and interactivity of the Granimator allows users to personalize wallpaper choices. This is a fun, interactive and stellar way to make the iPad a visionary dream or selected nightmare.

Useful for business, shoppers and travellers who need to calculate VAT
figures. This app works out what VAT to add to a figure as well as the tax
already included. It can be used in different countries with adjusted rates.

Starting today, iOS users are receiving an enthralling gift. From Dec. 26 through January 6th, users will receive a download gift daily. This may be a song, app, movie, book or more. To take advantage of the special, free, daily download – head to iTunes to download this must-have app.

It is hard to keep track of how much data we use each month, which can mean
unexpected charges, especially on smartphones. Onavo, recently bought by
Facebook, is a compression app that minimises how much data your phone uses
when not connected to Wi-Fi and displays all your data usage.

“Game of War – Fire Age” is rated 9+ for violence and crude humor. This free app supports Game Center, is optimized for iPhone 5 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.