applications for ipad

“With over a billion Office customers worldwide, and over 40 million downloads
on the iPad, it’s clear that Office applications are what people want to use
to get things done.”

If you need more editing options (and the included online storage), you can purchase an Office 365 subscription. This subscription is paid monthly, and it includes the ability to use the full Microsoft Office suite of apps on one PC or Mac, one tablet, and one phone (for the Personal subscription). There are also other subscriptions available if you need to run the apps on more devices.

If you’ve previously purchased a subscription and need to restore it to a new device, you can do that from this screen as well by tapping the Restore Previous Purchase link on the bottom of the screen.

However, the core Office experience, which until now has been tightly
contained within Microsoft’s paywall, will now be available on almost any
tablet or smartphone for free.

The number of registered enterprise developers was also reported to be up 39 percent year over year, nearly double the overall 20 percent growth rate among new third party developers that Apple reported for the year.

And rather than cannibalizing its Mac sales to achieve this, iPads appear to have helped Apple to expand its Mac sales via a halo effect, attracting new customers to OS X via iOS, a practice Apple is doubling down on with new Continuity features in its upcoming OS releases.

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